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Interior Decor Gift Ideas

If you attending a housewarming party, need a present for an upcoming bridal shower or wedding reception, or want to congratulate a friend or family member on a new home, you can’t go wrong with a interior decor gift. If you know the recipient’s personal home decor style, it will be easy to choose the […]

How To Complement Your Watch’s Look With Tasteful Monogram

Monogramming is the type of decoration that can be tasteful when done in moderation, but off-putting when it’s overdone. The key is finding small, tasteful areas to monogram on clothing, jewelry, and home decor. Thankfully, of these three categories, jewelry is the easiest to exercise responsible monogramming, and watches are one of the easiest pieces […]

What Benefits Are Available For Veterans Who Want To Start A Business?

Starting a small business can be financially, emotionally, and even physically tough — particularly if you’re leaving behind a steady income to go into business for yourself. If you’re a military veteran, your access to retirement benefits and a guaranteed pension can provide you with a bit more freedom to take the risks inherent in […]